"Mountain Village Tiny House"

Small Cottage in Andover Village, located right on the ATV trail; plenty of parking

At the edge of civilization, the Tiny House is in a tiny town at the end of two state highways, surrounded by thousands of acres of recreational paradise. Large remote lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, trails, hiking, fishing, kayaking.... all a short drive away!

For guys who love ATVing... but your significant other needs her shower. . ... this Tiny House is the perfect compromise! It is right on the trail, near the gas pumps, with parking for your trailer.

AND, this rental is truly the best of both worlds BECAUSE included with your rental is a private "playground" up on a ridge five miles north of town. A camp fire pit, hammock and four chairs, AND the panoramic mountain VIEWS! The ridge is surrounded by thousands of acres of forest, trails and gravel roads for biking, hiking and ATVing.