QiGong For The Heart~Summe Solstice Workshop

QiGong For The Heart~Summe Solstice Workshop

Qi Gong for the fire element held in your heart

Honoring the natural cycles and rhythms throughout the seasons helps us connect with the natural pace and flow of infinite source energy. Bringing in Summer Solstice intentionally supports our alignment with our inherent connection to all of life and the seasons found in life.

This morning workshop will be powerful, grounding and connecting to the natural world and your true nature. The day will be mindful, intentional and ceremonial.

Weather permitting, all practices will be held outside on the beautiful retreat land.

We will share in:

Walking meditation Qi Gong for the Fire Element and the Heart, the organ of the summer season Sacred fire ceremony bringing in summer's expansion

Covid-safe socially distanced practices will be held outside on our beautiful retreat land.

Pre-registration required Suggested donation: $35-$55 https://www.ntnretreats.com/reservations/ Please fill out this form and we will send you info on how to pre-pay. Thank you

Facilitated by Jen Deraspe The founder of Nurture Through Nature retreat center, Jen is a Certified Yoga and Qi Gong instructor and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. She has been offering retreats, workshop and classes in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years. Jen is deeply passionate about creating safe space for people to step into their own sense of self and true expression. A lover of nature, conscious movement and intentional gatherings, participants will find an authentic and heart-centered guide in Jen.