Camp Wawenock

Summer Camp for Girls on Sebago Lake

Camp Wawenock

Authentic - Transformative - Fun

Camp Wawenock builds a girl's confidence so that she can explore her strengths and challenge herself to take healthy risks.

Developing skills for life
Girls learn social, activity, and leadership skills that will help them in all aspects of life. Stafffocus on the personal development of each child, as well as building the community as a whole. Intentional leadership opportunities are built into each camper’s summer.

A program that offers fun and challenge
The Wawenockprogramis designed to help girls build confidence while having fun and learning new skills. Activity areas include: tennis, horseback riding, swimming, sailing, canoeing, boating, windsurfing, pottery, crafts, fabric arts, photography, art, music and drama, dance, outdoor living skills, archery, and riflery. Click to learn more about a day at Wawenock.

Our Camp Family
At Wawenock, you have a camp family for life. Girls from around the world are bonded by common values, traditions, and experience. You know that you’re part of something bigger than yourself.

This camp is yours
Wawenock campers are unplugged, de-stressed, and face-to-face, allowing them to develop genuine relationships in a place that feels like home.

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