Kingsley Pines Family Camp

Activities for all ages, private cabins, beautiful sand beach, & lakeside dining

Kingsley Pines Family Camp

Family Camp is designed to give all ages the opportunity to have as much fun as children have at Kingsley Pines Camp! There are a variety of options for families to be together and for adults and children to enjoy some time on their own.

Reasons Why Family Camp is a Great Vacation:

- Large variety of FUN activities, for ages 4 and up - Beautiful, scenic location on a crystal clear lake in Maine - Delicious meals served at our lakeside dining area - Amazing staff that are great with kids and adults - Kids get a little independence, Adults get some relaxation
- Wholesome, friendly atmosphere
- No crowds, No long lines, No extensive planning!
- Build lasting memories with your family

What Parents Say:

"Before we left family camp, Josephine stood in our empty cabin and pouted: "It's not fair. I want to live here forever." (Dana D. Alexandria, VA)

"We took the family to Disneyland last week and had a great time. The day we got back, however, Mac (our 4 year old) said, "Disneyland isn't as good as Kingsley Pines, because at Kingsley Pines we have bunk beds and we can get the food ourselves - we don't have to wait for someone to bring it to us." (Rich I. Salt Lake City, UT)