Dunn Falls
  • Town: Andover North Surplus
  • Rating: 5
  • Type: horsetails and fans
  • Height: lower falls is 80 feet; upper falls is 50 feet
  • Source: West Branch Ellis River
  • Trail Length: 2.0 mile loop
  • Trail Difficulty: moderate
  • Altitude Gain: up 250 feet, down 250 feet
  • Hiking Time: 90 minutes

The 2-mile loop trail that surrounds Dunn Falls offers more than just one of the highest-rated waterfalls in Maine. As you hike along you will find swimming holes, travel a stretch of the 2,160-mile Appalachian Trail, and discover lower and upper Dunn Falls as well as a half a dozen smaller, unnamed cascades. With so many natural features, we would have to say that a trip to Dunn Falls is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone. For this reason, this 2.0-mile trail makes a great introduction to the world of the outdoors for anyone not too familiar with what the region has to offer.

Discovering the remote lower Dunn Falls is as surprising as finding any waterfall in Maine. Before you reach the side trail to view Dunn Falls, only miniature horsetails and cascades will be spotted. How shocking and mind-boggling the nearly vertical 80-foot drop of lower Dunn Falls is to the virgin eye! With rock walls up to 100 feet in height on opposite sides of the falls, the area is outstandingly scenic. Take your camera for this waterfall.

After visiting the lower falls, you may feel that the trip could not get any better. Wrong! As if the lower falls are not visually appealing and mentally satisfying enough, more gems lie ahead on the trail. Just before the upper falls lay two lovely rocky-bottomed pools, each with small falls cascading into it. The first pool, about 80 feet in circumference, is surrounded by semicircular rock walls, with the waterfall flowing through a gap in the wall. The second pool has a similar structure and almost equal dimensions, but behind the pool lays a 50-foot secret: the elusive upper falls. Although half-hidden by the forest, this fanning horsetail is beautiful and adds a perfect ending to the waterfalls on this trip.

Waterfall details provided courtesy of www.NewEnglandWaterfalls.com.

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