Kezar Falls
  • Town: Lovell
  • Rating: 2.5
  • Type: cascades
  • Height: 20-foot total drop
  • Source: Kezar River
  • Trail Length: less than 0.1 mile
  • Trail Difficulty: easy
  • Altitude Gain: down 25 feet
  • Hiking Time: none

Lying a few miles southeast of the White Mountain National Forest border, Kezar Falls is an unmarked local picnic spot with a modest-sized gorge and a few small waterfalls. The site used to be a swimming hole, but many fallen trees have long since made jumping off the gorge walls a dangerous activity. Kezar Falls is not really anything out of the ordinary, but it makes a fine place to read, picnic, or simply relax. Locals told us that this is a favorite party spot for young adults during the late hours of the day.

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