Poplar Stream Falls
  • Town: Carrabassett Valley
  • Rating: 2.5
  • Type: horsetails
  • Height: upper falls is 24 feet; lower falls is 51 feet
  • Source: Poplar Stream and South Brook
  • Trail Length: 2.0 miles
  • Trail Difficulty: to upper falls, easy side of moderate; to lower falls, moderate side of difficult
  • Altitude Gain: plus 250 feet
  • Hiking Time: 60 minutes

Poplar Stream Falls is located in Carrabassett Valley, a town famous for its ski resort, Sugarloaf USA. The falls lie a few miles east of the resort, accessible by a rough dirt road and a hike through a logging area. They can be accessed by high-clearance vehicles, mountain bicycles, cross-country skis, or hiking.

So remote that nearby residents may not be aware of its existence, Poplar Stream Falls consists of two drops, on two different streams, that are combined under one name. The upper formation, a 24-foot horsetail with a swimming pool below, is on Poplar Stream and just off the trail. The lower drop, a 51-foot horsetail on South Brook, is accessible only by a fairly strenuous amount of bushwhacking.

The swimming hole below the falls lacks the attractiveness of other swimming holes nearby. Although you are likely to enjoy the chilly mountain waters privately, two other swimming holes offer warmer water, more sun exposure, and a general better experience. One is nearby Smalls Falls, which is described elsewhere in this guide, and another hole is located just below the bridge over the Carrabassett River on Carriage Road--the road that you traveled on to reach the falls.

Waterfall details provided courtesy of www.NewEnglandWaterfalls.com.

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