Steep Falls
  • Town: Limington & Baldwin
  • Rating: 4
  • Type: block
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Source: Saco River
  • Trail Length: 0.2 mile
  • Trail Difficulty: easy
  • Altitude Gain: none
  • Hiking Time: 5 minutes

Steep Falls answers an age-old question: Size really doesn't matter. Only 6 feet in total drop, this still manages to be one of the top-volume waterfalls in Maine. Water flow is strong year-round, powerful even after a two-month dry spell when we visited in the summer.

It may be a local party spot at night, but during the day it is a wide-open area to swim and sunbathe. Being at this waterfall makes you feel like you are at the ocean. There are white sandy beaches, and the sound of the crashing water can lull you to sleep. The water itself has small amounts of foam but is still clean enough to wade or take a dip. Please be careful of the currents if you choose to swim.

As for beauty, this waterfall packs a powerful punch. It is quite scenic and photogenic. Side rocks make nice scenery and frame the waterfall well. The full 75-foot width of this waterfall can only be seen by scrambling up these rocks for a closer look. The currents in the pool near the falls are dangerous, so even though it may look tempting, we ask that you swim downstream by the beaches. While several towns are nearby, this spot still provides the remote and rugged feeling of being encompassed by a waterfall.

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