The Cataracts
  • Town: Andover West Surplus
  • Rating: 3
  • Type: horsetails and cascades
  • Height: approximately 60-foot total drop
  • Source: Frye Brook
  • Trail Length: 0.5 mile
  • Trail Difficulty: moderate
  • Altitude Gain: plus 150 feet
  • Hiking Time: 20 minutes

On our summer visits, The Cataracts consisted of many plunges dropping an estimated 60 feet. We have heard accounts, and seen some convincing pictures, that in the wet season this is a behemoth of raging cascades. When we visited, we only saw some lonely cascades and plunges. On a positive note, with the cascades gone we were able to explore the small caves near the waterfall between precipitous gorge walls.

During the summer, The Cataracts were also a scramble's delight, with opportunities for hours of exploration. The many swimming holes are also refreshingly pleasing here. Perhaps your visit will reveal the personality of The Cataracts we have heard about.

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