Greater Bridgton Lakes

The lake communities surrounding the busy summer resort towns near Bridgton thrive by offering uninterrupted serenity welcoming all to enjoy outdoor adventures like boating, hiking, fishing, tubing, and paddling from Highland Lake Beach, Woods Pond Beach, and Salmon Point Beach. 

Nearby, communities like Fryeburg, a stone’s throw from Lovewell Pond, invite residents and visitors to embrace and enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature. Held each fall, the world-famous Fryeburg Fair brings people together from far and wide, while Moose Pond’s tranquil shores offer a haven for relaxation and easy access to the wintertime fun on Pleasant Mountain. To the north, Center Lovell on Kezar Lake is a hidden delight, exuding tranquility with its pristine waters and deeply wooded surroundings.

Winding through the region, the Saco River adds to the natural allure, enhancing the landscape that define these lake communities. Amidst the beauty of the lakes surrounding Bridgton, visitors will find a harmonious blend of outdoor bliss and community warmth. Each is a picturesque backdrop for lakeside ease with calm waters perfect for summer days and long nights.

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Horses in the pulling ring at the Fryeburg Fair.

Fryeburg Fair

The annual Fryeburg Fair began in 1851 and has become the state’s largest, and some would say most popular, agricultural fair. Held over eight days in early October, visitors will enjoy livestock shows, antique farm and forestry equipment demos, culinary contests and displays, live music, rides, and food stands. 

Historic Center Lovell Inn dates back to 1803.

Center Lovell

An unincorporated village of Lovell, Center Lovell sits on the edge of Kezar Lake. The Center Lovell Inn dates back to 1803 with beamed ceilings and wide plank floors. Walk to the charming Center Lovell Market and several locally run shops or learn about the area’s history at the Lovell Historical Society.  

Swimming hole at Kezar Gorge

Kezar Falls Gorge

Kezar Falls Gorge, located in Lovell, is truly a hidden gem. This swimming hole created by Kezar Falls is one of the most secluded waterfalls in Maine. The gorge is a little tricky to reach, requiring a climb down a steep rock; for this reason, it is not recommended for young children.

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