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Embarking on a family-friendly hiking adventure in Maine’s Lakes & Mountains unveils a collection of scenic wonders and captivating trails. Quill Hill, with its gentle slopes and vibrant flora, invites hikers of all ages to savor the beauty of nature. In Fryeburg, Jockey Cap Rock provides a thrilling climb, rewarding hikers with sweeping 360-degree views and tales of exploration. Douglas Mountain in Sebago offers a great option too (it has a stone tower at its peak), while Burnt Meadow Mountain in Brownfield beckons with its well-marked paths. Peary Mountain, named after the famed explorer, stands as a testament to adventure in the heart of Brownfield.

The enchanting Hawk Mountain provides a tranquil setting for family picnics, and Mount Will in Bethel promises breathtaking vistas. Black Cat Mountain in Poland adds a touch of mystery, while Rattlesnake Mountain in Raymond offers an exhilarating ascent. Tumbledown Mountain in Weld promises a rugged yet family-friendly journey, while Rumford Whitecap and Streaked Mountain in South Paris provide diverse landscapes for exploration.

Venturing into Grafton Notch State Park, families can conquer the challenge of Table Rock & Bald Plate. The newly opened Summit Ridge in the Bethel Community Forest and East Royce Mountain in Evans Notch State Park offer fresh experiences for families seeking the best of adventure amid the region’s natural wonders. Each trail tells a unique story while creating shared memories for families exploring the great outdoors together.

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View from Quill Hill in Rangeley

Quill Hill

On the road between Rangeley and Stratton, Quill Hill showcases the region’s breathtaking landscape, beautiful views, and wide-open skies. Privately owned, visitors are welcome to explore its trails leading to the 2,848-foot summit and donations are appreciated.

Hike the 3/4 mile wheelchair-accessible path that stretches from the picnic area to the summit, or make the short drive. Guests can enjoy the picnic area featuring its wood-fired grill and free wood, perfect for a relaxing outdoor meal under the stars.

Open 24-7, from late May to mid-October, visitors are welcome to ski, shoe, or snowmobile during the off season.

Atop Jockey Cap in Fryeburg

Jockey Cap

No visit would be complete without exploring the panoramic views from the pinnacle of Jockey Cap Rock, a remarkable granite formation (though not an erratic as once thought) shaped by the glacial forces of the last ice age. A short well traveled trail guides visitors to the summit of this domes breathtaking 360-degree view.

Crowning Jockey Cap Rock is a monument honoring Robert E. Peary, considered by many to be the first explorer of European ancestry to reach the North Pole. The monument features an informative and quite interesting landscape compass, accurately depicting all visible summits to scale for easy identification.

Family-friendly Douglas Mountain hike to Stone Tower

Douglas Mountain

This climb along this well-kept forested trail is worth it, to reach an old stone tower at the summit that offers an unobstructed 360-degree view. Kids will love pretending they are knights of the realm fighting dragons while you take in the views of Sebago Lake and western Maine. Leashed dogs are permitted.

Eagle Scout Trail: Marked with a distinctive orange blaze, the trail spans one mile from the parking area and connects with the Nature Trail from the east. 

Nature Trail: This is a moderately challenging 0.7-mile loop with distinctive blue blazes presents moderately challenging terrain with several steep ascents and descents. 

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Ways to Adventure

Plan Your Trip

Maine’s Lakes and Mountains offers a variety of resources to help you plan your next visit, including an annual visitor’s guide, stand alone map, and the new Adventure Guide App.

Visitor's Guide

Our Free Visitor's Guide will help inspire your next adventure along our mountain trails, lakes, scenic byways, bustling towns and more.

Map of the Region

Companion to the Visitor Guide, our dual-sided planning map will help you find your way to adventure in every season throughout the region.

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The App will point the way to all kinds of adventures, experiences and destinations in Maine’s Lakes and Mountains with GPS location maps and alerts.

Adventure Respectfully

Our lakes, mountains, and forests are worthy of respect. Whether you’re venturing out into our vast public or private lands or parks, here’s what you can do to conserve the area’s natural resources for all.

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Take Care of the Land

Tread lightly and leave no trace. Keep this place as pristine as you found it.

Where ya headed?

Check if you’ll be on public or private land and if there are any restrictions or fees. Always research your destination ahead of time.

Stick to established trails & roads.

Whether hiking, biking, angling, or ATVing, always stay on a designated trail.


To protect the forest, only build fires in approved sites, don’t leave them unattended, and extinguish them thoroughly.

Avoid spreading invasive species.

Don’t transport firewood, brush your boots, and wash and dry your boat before heading to your next adventure.

Avoid peak hours

Plan around peak hours midday to avoid crowds. Have a Plan B in case the parking lot is already full.

No litterbugs allowed

If you pack it in, pack it out, including food waste like apple cores. Bring bags for pet waste.

When nature calls

If you have to go, pick a spot at least 100′ off the trail or away from a body of water, and bury your poop 6″ deep.

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